Nebula: Using the Energy of the Universe to create new Stars.

Recruitment Solutions:

We provide interim contracts and permanent staffing across multiple media and entertainment sectors.

Nebula provides a relaxing, comfortable, and creative atmosphere to satisfy our candidate and client needs. This service is delivered on a tutorial and mentorship basis to support the artist to achieve their goals. Nebula is inspired by this concept.

Nebula is the base where up-and-coming artist hone their craft, gain wisdom and guidance from veterans of the entertainment and music game. Our ambition is to support super stars to rise up into the limelight.

Our work ethic consists of equal opportunities and diversity with a non-biased attitude.

Our aim

We create a social concourse within the industry. We maximise our business concept by collaborating with other franchised companies, providing our client's with maximum industry exposure and experiences.

Our objective

We provide an aspiring artist a platform to highlight their talent (s) to the masses all over the globe through our recently launched internet broadcasting service. (See Coming soon to our network; “London Life” hosted by “Band Jamm’s” Uncle Chris. (O.G. U.C.) You can watch on Thursdays at 9pm.)

The Vision

 Nebula: using the energy of the Universe to create new Stars.

The Mission

We are creating a grassroots movement and opportunity for the Artist who aspires to develop their skills, musical experiences and work in the entertainment industry.

We invest in our candidates and clients through supporting their development of their knowledge in the areas of media employment and the building of a career in today’s socio-political-economical environment.

Support us to deliver this community wide project developed by the United Kingdom's original Jungle music pioneer "G-String" of "Reel II Reel Productions" (circa 1993).  We aim to support the acquisition of music development skillls in aspiring artist throughout the United Kingdom.
 Our purpose is to reduce and eliminate knife and gun crime through life changing personal development experiences, well-being and music skills development activites and events.
 We say, "Put down the knife, put down the guns ,pick up the mic and be a winner!" 
Join us and support the U.K. ALL BOROOUGHS RAP BATTLE