BANNER recruitment solutions

Mainstream Recruitment: Covers all aspects of the high street and corporate industries where registered companies are looking for the right individual to suit a vacant position.

Specialist Recruitment: Researching clients and candidates who possess skills and experiences above normal standards.

Artist and Promotion: We develop solid trusted relationships and contracts with people in the music, dance, fashion and the entertainment industry.  We also maintain a working relationship with a "Live Stream" television network.  We work alongside a variety of companies and organisations to manage artist on tour, and for celebrities who also work in television by combining the two recruitment solutions above to sustain what we do as an organisation: generate and create opportunities for candidates and clients contracted with Nebula Artist Promotion Agency.


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At NAPA, we are not concerned with general characteristics, i.e. age, race, gender, etc.  We emphasise the development of industry specific marketable skills, qualities, and abilities in your area of interest.  We have created this agency to develop and support aspiring artist move to the forefront of their chosen careers.

Although we may be an Artists/Media based organisation; we also manage the procurement of general non-specific and graduate positions that are required in the workplace. Particularly in the entertainment industry, live events, and hospitality.

NAPA. is concerned with putting our candidates and clients first.

Support us to deliver this community wide project developed by the United Kingdom's original Jungle music pioneer "G-String" of "Reel II Reel Productions" (circa 1993).  We aim to support the acquisition of music development skillls in aspiring artist throughout the United Kingdom.
 Our purpose is to reduce and eliminate knife and gun crime through life changing personal development experiences, well-being and music skills development activites and events.
 We say, "Put down the knife, put down the guns ,pick up the mic and be a winner!" 
Join us and support the U.K. ALL BOROOUGHS RAP BATTLE